Sweet Dreams

In two days, I’ll turn in the manuscript for my fourth book – which I hope explains my absence here lately. There’s always so much to do as the deadline looms. Words to compose. Scenes to add. Or delete. Story fragments to unfrag. Facts to check. It’s always an emotional and draining time followed by exhilaration and then a feeling of being lost, wondering how my characters are faring after all the trauma I’ve just put them through.

The title of the new work is SWEET DREAMS and is a story of pursuing dreams and the fallout for some whose dreams are unrealized. Here’s a little teaser:

Two close-knit cousins struggle to fit in at an exclusive Southern charm school, but when they both fall for the same handsome guy, their love for each other is tested. Patsy Cline sings “Crazy” on the radio while the worlds both inside and outside the halls of the charm school begin to crumble. Past secrets and family lies collide with the changing times. Sweet Dreams has a flawed cast of characters whose dreams have the power to take them to new heights or tear them all apart.

Because Sweet Dreams takes place in 1962, I began watching Mad Men set in the same era. Quickly, I became addicted a fan of the fashions and the allure of the show’s tragic, damaged characters. As humans, I think we’re drawn to those who, by a twist of fate, have walked a hard road. We root for them to be better. To overcome their demons. To be redeemed.

While Sweet Dreams takes place in Texas, far from the advertising world of Madison Avenue, it shows humans at their best and worst, in their own stages of denial or blissful innocence. The two girls’ loyalties are stretched to the breaking point, and yet they’re bound to one another by blood and their desire to see the other succeed.

It was a difficult story to write because, whether we admit it or not, we’re all products of our past. We all have hopes and dreams. My dream is that in a year or so, you’ll find Sweet Dreams on your nightstand and journey back to 1962 with the characters who have held me hostage for these many months.

For a fascinating look at Mad Men from my fellow author Susan Meissner’s perspective, check out this recent post of hers. Whether you love or hate Mad Men, I think you’ll find truth in what she says.

I’ve also started a board on Pinterest where you can take a peek at some of the places and people I envision for Sweet Dreams. It, too, is a work in progress.

Q for you: Is there a dream you’ve had and not pursued? What is keeping you from it? Please share in the comments!


INVITATION and REMINDER for those of you in the Tulsa area. I’ll be joining five other authors in an Authors’ Forum Sunday morning from 9 am to 12:30 pm at First Baptist Tulsa. The event will take place in Caffe Bona which is accessible from inside the church or from the street. 403 S. Cincinnati. The services are broadcast in the café, so you can have your favorite cuppa, meet new authors, and be blessed by the ministry of this incredible church. Chasing Lilacs and Broken Wings will both be for sale, and I’d love to sign a copy for you. Hope to see you there!



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