Inspire a Fire Update

Inspire a Fire has been up and running several weeks now. I hope you’ve been able to read some of the inspirational posts there. Some have made me cry, others have given me goosebumps, all have given me determination to be a better person, to pursue with greater fervor my walk with Christ. I’m really glad for the small part I’ve had in bringing a couple of those stories to readers.

The truth is, I’m blessed by knowing some incredible people, people who’ve touched me and been great examples of service, of hope, of encouragement. So those are the people I’ve asked in this first month to share their stories.

Elsie Cowan is the mother-in-law of one of my best friends. She’s the epitome of giving to others. I’ve never seen her when she didn’t have a smile on her face. If you missed it, here’s the story about making quilts for Boys Ranch – Quilted With Love. 

Miranda and Jesse Lewis live in a small town outside Oklahoma City. We’ve known Jesse and his family for years and years, though, and we grieved along with others about the loss of their home in a tornado last May. Miranda tells of her experience in What The Wind Blew In. 

Inspiring stories everyday. That’s what our goal is at Inspire a Fire.

We believe one person has the power to make a huge difference in the world and eternity. Sometimes it only takes one match, one spark, to ignite an inferno of change.

Hope you’ll stop by and be inspired, too!

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>Patchwork 101

>I used to make quilts. Baby quilts, lap quilts, king-sized ones, artsy wall hangings, color-coordinated-with-pillows-to-match ensembles. I loved choosing the patterns, the colors, the thrill of taking tiny pieces and crafting something new and beautiful. Yesterday in my water aerobics class, it...

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