Remembering Diann Hunt

On the day after Thanksgiving, the world lost a beautiful writer who was more than a friend and a colleague to all who knew her. Diann Hunt was the picture of grace, encouragement, and Godly countenance. Today, I’m joining other writers throughout the blogosphere to celebrate and honor Diann.


Getting Diann’s autograph and photo op

I met Diann at my first ACFW conference. I was terrified, and she was already well-known as an author for her humorous, yet spiritually-enriching novels. While another new writer and I sorted through our registration packets in the convening area of the lobby, Diann came up and asked if she could join us. I was immediately drawn in by her warmth, her unpretentious nature, and the fact she was way more famous than I ever hoped to be. We chatted and laughed, our kinship instant when I told her that my middle name was Diann . . . and it was spelled the same way as hers. Even now, all these years later, I’m touched by that encounter and strive to reach out to “newbies” the way she did.

I became a “fan” of Diann and enjoyed her books dearly – always a warm spot when I needed a laugh. It was indeed her sense of humor and warmth with people that carried her through a three-year battle with ovarian cancer – a diagnosis that hit all who knew her very hard. Why Diann? Why someone who is so lovely and gracious and talented? And young. She fought valiantly and never lost her ability to laugh, to see the good in all things and the good in all people. She wasn’t able to attend conferences as much after she became ill, but it was a a joyous occasion when she was able to attend one year in Indianapolis.



With Deb Raney, Me, Diann, and Denise Hunter

I’m honored to have called Diann friend and will miss her, her wonderful take on life and the joy that radiated from her. Before she passed away, Diann received news that one of her books, For Better of For Worse, will be made into a Hallmark movie that airs next summer. What a fabulous legacy to leave the world.

If you’ve not read, one of her books, I know she’d be honored for you to do so. You can find a complete listing on her website here. Here are a few of my favs.

Image 2 Image Image 7 Image 9Image 3

I miss you, Diann. Thank you for enriching my life. You are beloved.