New Eyes – New Look

Most of my life I’ve had extreme myopia – nearsightedness – and have been dependent on glasses to see almost everything. Recently I’ve had cataract surgery and oh. my. goodness! The colors are so much brighter. Images are sharper. And I’m seeing things at a distance without glasses that I never dreamed I would see. Truly, I’m seeing the world through new eyes.

HHH-badgeThis experience prompted me to do a little sleuthing about the history of vision correction, and some of the facts I dug up were quite surprising. And a lot of them were quite fun. I wrote it all up on the Heroes, Heroines, and History blog where I post once a month, and as fate would have it – the blog has a fabulous new look with a banner done by Matt Jones (who just happens to be the creator of my blog design). To celebrate the new look, there are a number of giveaways going on all month on the HHH blog. Please check out my post about eyeglasses and scroll around to the other fascinating posts. The more times you enter, the more chances of winning a prize.

See you there!

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Support Your Local Library

Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of trips to the library when I was growing up. Summers especially when my sisters and I would get a new stash of books each week when our Mother went to town for the weekly shopping. Living way out in the country, this was our treat and our escape. I...

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Ane Mulligan and Chapel Springs Revival

Mention the name Ane Mulligan, and a number of images comes to mind. Fiery red hair. Heart of gold. A smile that lights up the universe. Friend. Mentor. Co-founder of Novel Rocket, one of the best writing blogs around. To me she’s all of those things, but also patient, kind, funny, and soul...

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Summertime Adventure

The summer after my junior year in high school, my parents let me take a trip by myself to California ON A BUS. Trailways, to be exact. I left from a tiny town in the TX Panhandle (the nearest bus stop). Destination: Barstow, CA, where Aunt Pat and Uncle Dall would pick me up for a month-long...

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Books of Summer

What is it about summer and books that just seem to go together? My personal theory is that it goes back to my childhood and all of those trips to the library in the summer. Since we lived 15 miles from town, we couldn’t just pop over there whenever we wanted. So once a week, on...

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Oh, the places you will go . . .

I’ve not been to Machu Picchu, Peru nor the Galapagos Islands, but my book has! A dear friend and her husband take an exotic trip every summer around the time that my books release, so being the dear friend that she is, Linda tucks my newest title (The Hatmaker’s Heart this year) in her...

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Writing Process

My good friend and writing buddy, Judy Christie, invited me to join in with a blog hop that’s going around. Good friends are like that . . . they share when they have good ideas. Judy is the author of the popular Green series, the Hurry Less, Worry Less Series, and the fun new Trumpet and...

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