Is your gratitude showing?

Sometimes folks would be hard pressed to see gratitude in me – this week being one example. We lead busy lives doing things that make us very happy. For me that is writing, keeping up with social media and my favorite pastime this fall – caring for my infant grandson. But when Max and I got blindsided by a nasty respiratory bug that has kept us reaching for the tissues and the cough remedies, I’ve been anything but grateful. We have commitments, people who depend on us. We don’t have time to be sick! Then on Friday, while I was deep inside the covers hoping it would all just go away, I remembered that November 1 was the kick-off for a month of gratitude. My head ached just thinking about it.

Funny what a couple of days can do to your perspective. I won’t lie – I hate being sick, but I know that it is temporary. And I AM grateful for a Walgreen’s two blocks from my house and warm clothes and good soup and a sweet man who walks this road beside me. And I’m so thankful for friends like Shellie Rushing Tomlinson who have a vision for those in this world who don’t have the luxuries that we do. I’m late in getting this posted, but yesterday was the kickoff for her annual thankfulness project, and I’m honored to be a part. I’ll let Shellie fill you in.

Writers and Readers Reach Out is a group of authors and bloggers who are setting out to BE a miracle together.  Together with our readers we’re kicking off the holiday season with a commitment not to simply articulate our thankfulness, but to express our gratitude in a tangible way on behalf of those who could never in their wildest dreams conceive of the type of holidays we’ll soon enjoy. We’ll taking the next 30 days leading up to Thanksgiving to give and to help motivate our own circle of friends to give with us!

In prior years we’ve partnered with various organizations, including Life Today and World Vision. This  year we’ll work with a foundation called HOPE WITHOUT BORDERS.


Hope without Borders is my daughter’s love child, birthed during a mission trip she took to El Salvador with International Cooperating Ministries.  But here, I’ll let Jessica tell you about that fateful day…


Out of all the churches and orphanages we visited, one stop changed me forever. I saw children with so little act like they had everything. We were visiting their brand new Hope Center. Smiling children took me by the hand and showed me their dining table, box of toys, bathroom and musical instruments. Their joy was contagious. I knew in my heart that regardless of what I saw, those little ones saw HOPE in that cement center, hope to be someone one day, hope to change, hope to create, and hope that they are loved. And they are. They’re loved by our Lord and Savior and each one of them are so very special in his eyes. Each deserve a chance to experience His love and His blessings. My hands shook as I looked at the hope surrounding me and I knew I had to be a part of replicating it again and again, instilling Christ’s love and hope into children living in conditions the world deems hopeless. Will you help me?


It’s Shellie again. It was a pleasure introducing you to my daughter. (By the way, Jessica doesn’t play. Several years ago she felt moved to raise the funds for an orphanage in the mountains of Rwanda and she raised the $30,000 to do just that!) I’m excited about partnering with HOPE WITHOUT BORDERS for this year’s 30 days of thankfulness drive. I believe that together we can raise the necessary $20,000 and build a Hope Center in Nicaragua! We’ll have pics soon of the community our center will be built in, along with introductions to some of the children we will be helping, so please check back. Now, here’s how you can get involved.

!. Donate here. Can you give a minimum of $20?

2. Send this page to your favorite author and ask them to join us.

3. Join us in our efforts!  Email me at shellierushingtomlinson @ and let me know you’re interested in motivating your circle of friends.

When you say a situation or a person is hopeless, you are

slamming the door in the face of God. ~Charles L. Allen



Reach Out

Carla here: I feel better already. I just donated and will be posting some gratitude quotes on FaceBook (via Shellie) throughout the month to remind you (and me!) of how much we have to be grateful for and what gratitude in action can accomplish. God Bless you all in the holiday season!






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