The Hatmaker’s Heart Special Price

Just popping in to say that The Hatmaker’s Heart eBook is on sale for $3.99 for a limited time. What fun I had writing about the haute coutre of the Roaring The Hatmaker's Heart by Carla StewartTwenties and hope you’ll enjoy a peek into the millinery shops of New York City and London in Nell Marchwold’s story. Perfect read for a cold, wintry weekend.

Available at this price on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CBD, or your favorite online retailer.

God Bless and Happy Reading.

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Cover Reveal – A Flying Affair

There are many breath-stealing moments in the journey of a book. It starts with the seed of an idea that pops into my head and takes root. Nearly always my main character comes to me fully formed – both the physical characteristics, personality, and general idea of the story. The tingles up...

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The Loss of Rod McKuen

I took the news of the passing of Rod McKuen with a lump of sadness. The hero poet of my coming-of-age years left a mark on my heart. His scratchy voice came through the stillness of a dorm room urging me to listen to the warm, to lean in to that wandering spirit, to dream of dandelion days. He...

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Best Reads of 2014

The end of 2014 has sneaked up on me. I think I usually post my favorite reads of the year before now. Rather than give you an analysis/breakdown of why I chose what I did, I’ve fixed this fun graphic to showcase what for me were some of the best hours of reading that I can remember in...

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Is your gratitude showing?

Sometimes folks would be hard pressed to see gratitude in me – this week being one example. We lead busy lives doing things that make us very happy. For me that is writing, keeping up with social media and my favorite pastime this fall – caring for my infant grandson. But when Max and I...

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Journey to a Book – Celebrating Camille Eide

I first met Camille Eide at Mount Hermon where we shared a bench in the amazing Angela Hunt’s workshop where we learned about the bones of a novel. We’d both written a bit, but we were still as green as the new foliage on Mount Hermon’s redwoods that spring. How and why we were...

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The Story Keeper by Lisa Wingate

Lisa Wingate is one of the most creative, talented story tellers I know. Trust me when I say she’s the “real deal.” I’m so fortunate to be acquainted with her and glad to call her friend. And I’m especially tickled to have her here to tell you about her latest book...

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