Books of Summer

What is it about summer and books that just seem to go together? My personal theory is that it goes back to my childhood and all of those trips to the library in the summer. Since we lived 15 miles from town, we couldn’t just pop over there whenever we wanted. So once a week, on Mother’s shopping day, my sisters and I would stock up with a new pile of books to take us on grand adventures and introduce us to fascinating characters who lived lives we only dreamed about.

As summertime rolls around each year, I start dreaming of endless days of lounging on the patio immersed in a book. Sadly, those days never materialize quite the way I envisioned them, but I do sneak in a few more hours each week enjoying my favorite pastime.

How about you? What are you reading? If you haven’t read The Hatmaker’s Heart yet, here’s a chance to get a taste for the world as it was in the Roaring Twenties.

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And good news! My publisher is offering a free sampler of the first chapter not only of my book, but fifteen of their fiction titles across all genres. You may download the sampler to your e-reader or read it on Medium online. With all these options, what are you waiting for? I just got mine on the iBook option and have found a couple that I can’t wait to read. There’s a non-fiction sampler, too.

Happy Reading!

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Oh, the places you will go . . .

I’ve not been to Machu Picchu, Peru nor the Galapagos Islands, but my book has! A dear friend and her husband take an exotic trip every summer around the time that my books release, so being the dear friend that she is, Linda tucks my newest title (The Hatmaker’s Heart this year) in her...

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Writing Process

My good friend and writing buddy, Judy Christie, invited me to join in with a blog hop that’s going around. Good friends are like that . . . they share when they have good ideas. Judy is the author of the popular Green series, the Hurry Less, Worry Less Series, and the fun new Trumpet and...

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Jazzy Hatmaker’s Heart Giveaway!

There’s nothing quite so sweet as the release of a new book, of holding it in my hands for the first time and getting a whiff of that new paper smell. In a blink, the late nights at the computer and the months that were at times agonizing are gone. It’s not unlike holding a human baby...

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Saying Goodbye

When I first moved to Tulsa and began looking for a writing group, I happened upon the Tulsa NightWriters. “We are an eclectic group of published writers and soon-to-be published writers,” the president said from the podium. And from my first visit, I felt embraced by this group of...

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The First Saturday in May

This coming Saturday is the 104th renewal of the Greatest Two Minutes in sports – the Kentucky Derby. Twenty thouroughbred horses will make the “run for the roses” before a crowd of more than 100,000 people at Churchill Downs. The crowd will include celebrities and people from...

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Culinary Fun! A Table by the Window by Hillary Manton Lodge

From the time I first heard Hillary Manton Lodge’s news that she was writing a series of culinary stories, I’ve been waiting (not too patiently) for the first one to release. I was thrilled and honored to be able to read an early copy and write this endorsement:   Warm, witty, and a...

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