For Readers

Is there anything more wonderful than words and food and great company? This page is for the things that nourish us: stories, great recipes, visiting with friends. Feel free to look around, steal a recipe, or contact me.

Connecting Online:

I love to stay in touch with readers. You can email me or hang out with me at any of these spots:

Book Clubs

  • Reader’s Guide in each of my novels to jump-start your Book Club conversations.
  • Skype a visit with your club.
  • Phone chat with your book club or “in-person” visit if we can make arrangements. Email me to plan a chat or visit.
  • Book Marks for your book club.


  • Readings from featured novel.
  • Participation in multi-author events.
  • A talk on following your dreams or a writing-related topic (pre-selected topic of your choice)
  • Book Signing

Women’s Groups / Writing Groups

  • Dream Big – inspirational talk tailored to meet the needs of your group.
  • Book Club Discussion.
  • Writing topics (email me to discuss your needs)
  • I’m a woman who started a new career at the age of 50 – I would love to share with your group lessons learned while following my dreams.
  • Book Signing. Book Marks.

Novel Morsels

A fun cookbook with over 60 authors (including me) contributing their character’s favorite treats from the kitchen. More than 120 recipes in one great little e-book. And it’s only 99 cents! Order here.

Favorite Family Recipes

I grew up in the tradition of home cooking and supper every evening at six o’clock. I’ve never wanted for lack of great recipes – first from my mom, then my mother-in-law. Over the years I’ve tweaked theirs and added a few of my own. You’re welcome to take any of these from my Baker’s Dozen and make them your own. Bon Appétit! (read more)


Here are a couple of my published articles that you might like. They’re both stories of my heart. Enjoy!


My first published story was this slice-of-life piece about my dad.  I didn’t know much about writing titles back then, but this tells it pretty much like it is. (Read story here)

Pulling the Plug

Do you believe in miracles? I wasn’t sure I did until I met Betty. Here’s her story. (read here)