Sweet Deal for You

November already??? How is that possible? Here the days are crisp and I find myself spending more time on the patio, book in one hand, coffee in the other. Book in hand meaning either the real physical one with pages OR my new iPhone 6 that has a quite-readable screen and is loaded with books on my Kindle App. Which brings me to the point of today’s post –

Sweet Dreams - Carla StewartSWEET DREAMS, my novel from a couple of years ago was featured on Book Bub yesterday and has a fantastic sale price of $1.99!! It’s a rare occurrence for my books to be discounted this much, so if you’re like me and reading on these nice autumn days, I hope you’ll add Sweet Dreams to your e-reader today. (With hugs of appreciation!!!)

I wouldn’t offer this shameless plug without giving you a little something extra – If you’re not familiar with Book Bub, you should be. It’s a wonderful one-stop place to find all the best “deals” on books. When you sign up, you have the opportunity to choose what types of books you enjoy. Then every day, you get an email with that day’s bargains. It’s a great way to discover new writers and an inexpensive (sometimes FREE) way to support authors you already like.

Book Bub.

Sweet Dreams.

Both sweet!